A great start to the week

Recently I have been helping a client trace his father’s family; he had been trying to find them for 35 years without success. This Monday morning I had a text, which said, “Two of my sisters have called me, this is all down to you, thanks so much”

What a great start to the week.


Slept in a shed

This post is for anyone who feels that their house isn’t big enough, or their furnishings need updating, or is generally unhappy with where they live. I came across this entry in the 1871 census for Nonington yesterday:


‘Slept in Shed’ was the address for the Gatehouse family, with two young children, AND Mrs Gatehouse was pregnant AND they had a lodger! In a shed! Well done to the census enumerator though, good work.

Farage found Guilty of Theft at Old Bailey

A search in the Old Bailey court records (www.oldbaileyonline.org) shows that one Daniel Farage, a 15 year old apprentice, was found guilty of stealing two pairs of boots and 14 pairs of shoes at a trial on 11 September 1822. He was sentenced to a whipping for his crime. Daniel Farage was baptised on 23 August 1807 at Mitcham in Surrey. He was the son of Edward and Maria Farage, and appears to be the great-great-great uncle of a certain Nigel P. Farage.